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“Abeg Take Your Technology Away” – By Feeling Station




I hope this letter finds you in good health, physical, mental, emotional etc. I write this letter mainly because i have decided that we do not need this technology anymore, it is killing us. I dont know who to blame now, i think Cecil John Rhodes would be a good start. I mean he found us content with our mhapa and shashiko and he had to make uncle Lobs taste sugar and that was the begining of the horror movie.

This just reminds me of that the gods must be crazy movie tho that bottle messed up Xixo’s family for days. That is exactly what this technology has done to us Cecil. You might be surprised why im blaming you while you chilled 9ft under but who else can i blame Cecil, besides you?? See on sunday while i was coming from where i was coming from i noticed something quite worrying. I counted 12 different apostolic sects between the museum turnoff up to first mutual park on the left side of Borrowdale road.

Something which you also brought Cecil, but that is a story for another day. These sects consisted of an average of 12 members like why cant they just join and be one in the quest of the kingdom. Why are there so many divisions Cecil?? I got reminded of those apostolic church after what happened yesterday.

There are whatsapp sects among us twimbos as well Cecil. After those screenshots (your fault again Cecil) i realized there are many sects many divisions like we are not one. No, wait i blame Econet. Suddenly blame Strive, you can rest for now Cecil. Why did you take free twitter away? Last year we did not have time for groupchats we were one big happy family on the TL. Happy tho mmm not so much but you get the picture we had one congregation, we won the twimurenga against King Kambalame even.

Then Strive had to take that away from us, kuputsa sangano fam. Now how do we discuss each other as different sects with this devil’s tool called a screenshot. Why? Who came up with such an ungodly idea?? Who invented screenshots? Before you know it humans have evidence of your private conversation,

Cecil, Strive tell me why. Lets blame technology guruz e.g Steve Jobs. Yes, it can only be him. When you try to confront these people who were discussing you by bringing fourth evidence of how they were discussing about you they attack you by saying so? Yes we discussed about how your girl refused blue label to come chill with two keys and spazz in your friend’s bed, so what. What then happens please answer me Cecil, Strive and Steve, whats the way foward? My people are ungovernable also you try to entertain them they mock you for it and attack you as well. Before you know it the TL is suddenly on fire and the sense of congregation is switched on again. More accusations, harsh exchange of words before you know it enter more screenshots of how some girls be shrek looking and their insecurities. How someone has feelings for a guy whom she cant have, does touching beard count?

Then there is talk about how breathing other peoples semen can cause tuberclosis in the long run. He who does not have a personal base does not deserve the cookie – Niggalitians 2 vs 10 . Before you know it fat people are said to have drank blue label or eaten their mothers, fuckboys become Craig, musicians are ridiculed for not owning a headboard and exs take the opportunity to leak nudes, zim celebrities pointing out the unfleekness of other people’s eyebrows in twars, white people claiming to have been DMd by the soul of our dead lion the same lion that was killed by a fellow white man. Oh and Cecil (not the lion), i know you had a dream to build a railway line from Cape to Cairo meaning you will have to take the fall for what happened to Mmusi at that other moment when the newly appointed DA leader decided to host a twitter townhall with the hashtag #AskMmusi and before you know it he is getting asked questions like ngubani osnika lento? Why did apple sign with Dr Dre when it is said an apple a day keeps the doctor away? What is the DAs position on the use of roomdeviders in black homes? Will Tyrion Lannister finally return home? I am hungry does the DA deliver? Are we ever going to see Aleks from #VuzuRichKids’ real home and life? #AskMmusi? How do we stop Iggy from making any more songs?

I might go on and oooooon but the truth of the matter is i wanna go back to the garden of eden times where there wasnt all this. Somebody please, anybharri please abeg and take your technology away.

Yours Truly



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