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MudiwaHood Wants $50k For False Celebrity Advertising

Y’all are going to learn today! You should know MudiwaHood is a born again Christian before you falsely use his name to advertise ratchet shows.


MudiwaHood is not taking it lightly that some Harare promoters used his name to promote their “ghetto booty party”, “This is Purely the Work of the devil…How can grown man Use My brand without even consulting me for such IMMORALITY…”, said the frustrated Christian rapper.

MudiwaHood is not stopping there, he has decided to take legal action against the event planners. The rappers says him and his lawyers are working on it and he wants $50k for damages caused.

“I and my Management have decided to make this a police case…and this will be a great example to all promoters who use other peoples Brand for their gains….am suing these people for $50k…”, he said.

He also took the opportunity to expose the people involved, writing their full names on his Facebook. Mudiwahood says you will never find him or see him getting involved in such kind of events.

And if you were wondering were you can find Mudiwa you can find him at weddings, national events or anywhere where Jesus is the centre of the event.

Now you know not to mess with MudiwaHood, the Christian rapper.

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