Regina Mundi Nun’s Nudes Leaked

Invasion of privacy by exposing private photos has become the most effective way of blackmailing in Zimbabwe. The latest victim to have their nude photos leaked is Regina Mundi Girls High Headmistress nun Concilia Jangara.


Not only that but the nun was blackmailed by people who claimed they were from H-Metro. The fake reporters asked Ms Jangara to give them more than $1,200 so that they make sure the nudes never come out.

Tsitsi Kahari, Mike Chimutanda, Enias Mapfune and Showan Ndlovu are the four people facing blackmailing charges. The nun was supposedly having an affair with one of the men who blackmailed her. Kahari is said to be the one who facilitated the withdrawal of the money by Chimutanda who had the nun put the money into his account.

The Headmistress had been introduced to the man she was having an affair with by her younger sister. The four accused shared the money among themselves but later the nun found out she was tricked leading to her reporting the matter to the police.

The two men are on bail whilst the two women involved are on the run.

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