5 Habits That Will Make You Look Unprofessional

Whether it’s at your work place or you regularly attend networking events there are habits that will make you look unprofessional and you shouldn’t take lightly or ignore. Here’s out top ten bad habits you that can affect your credibility and make you look sloppy and unprofessional.


1.Always being late

It’s not only that one day, you’re always late and never on time. It’s not only unprofessional but disrespectful to the other person. Respect other people’s time and yours and remember the least you can do when you’re running late is send a message to show you care.

2. Grammar mistakes

Grammar always matters. Using poor grammar makes you look uneducated therefore unprofessional. Make it a priority to develop your grammar if you know you struggle in that area.

3. Bad email form

Forwarding an email with confidential information or hitting ‘reply all’ to an email with sensitive content are some of the common mistakes people who deal with a thousand emails everyday make. Not forgetting being disorganized, clients don’t care if you have other thousand emails to attend, they expect you to reply quickly.

4. Hygiene Issues

From mouth to body odor, dirty or unironed clothes are all traits of unprofessionalism. If you want people to take you seriously dress and look accordingly. Remember dress how you want to be addressed.

5. Missed deadlines

Nothing says unprofessional than missed deadlines. Work on having a good reputation on getting work done accurately and on time. People will respect you and will make you look professional.

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