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Cuteness Alert: Watch ExQ’s Already Grown Up Son Whip And Nae-Nae

Don’t they grow up fast?! ExQ captured the cutest video of his son Trey doing the nae nae dance and it’s the cutest thing you will see all day.


ExQ has been on a country tour with Roki promoting their hit single “Allelua”, we bet he had missed those killer dance moves.The Allelua rapper and proud father posted a video on Instagram with the most heartwarming captions.

Trey #son #exqwizit #music #dancing #kukurahakutane #daddysboy #blingbling #swaglikefatherlikeson

A video posted by exqwizitboy (@exqwizit) on

We have to admit Trey looks like his father and has the performer traits in him if this video is anything to go by. Is he another Zimbabwean star in the making?, only time will tell. For now enjoy the snippet ExQ posted, who know maybe next time you might be asked to pay for it.

ExQ is a dad of two, a boy in the video Trey and a girl Tiara.

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