5 Ways To Quickly Get Promoted In Your 20s

It’s not always easy for a new young employee in their 20s to find their way and grow at work places. Getting a job is one thing, keeping it and proving yourself to promotion might take you years. Here are five tips you can use to help you climb the promotion ladder faster than your colleagues.


1. Accept and follow the rules

It can be very difficult to adapt and transition into an environment where you have to follow specific guidelines but you have to accept that it’s crucial to follow those rules because it can potentially harm your career.

2. Be invaluable

Whatever you do, do it so well and make yourself an invaluable asset to the company you work for. Find out what success means in your role at the company, the more they need you the more you will reap promotional benefits.

3. Communicate all the time

Always make it a priority to communicate effectively with your supervisor and more senior colleagues. Professional prefer face to face communication compared to virtual which most young employees do. Make an effort to discuss important matters in person.

4. Show self efficiency

Your focus should be on finding ways to be independent at work and learning the appropriate skills to grow faster. Being self sufficient show you’re ready for more responsibilities and a promotion will come knocking on your door.

5. Create your own goals

Create your own work goals and work hard on achieving them. Instead of waiting for your seniors to tell you, put it on yourself and always be accountable. When you show results, your bosses will have no choice but move you up.

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