Nearly Half Of Victoria Falls Has Dried Up:What’s Next?

A few weeks after it was revealed that Kariba Dam now has lower water levels, Victoria Falls is also slowly drying up.

vic falls

Recent photos taken from the air show the dry side of the Falls on the Zambian side. Tourists have been advised to visit the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls but experts say not for too long.

“There is still good viewing from the Zimbabwean side but we expect water levels to continue to drop in the following months”, said the local tour operator Wild Horizons.

The General Manager of Victoria Falls Safari Lodge on the Zimbabwean side Jonathan Hudson told News24 that he believed water levels at the falls last dropped this low in 1992 in the middle of a devastating drought.

“I know there’s no water from Livingstone Island through to the Zambian side, which is sort of halfway across the Falls. At this time of the year often there’s no water on the Zambian side. For the past couple of years it’s been like that because of the weather. Often that last third of the Falls on the right-hand side dries up”, he said.

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