5 Habits Of Highly Successful Under 30s

TVEver wondered how all the successful people you grew up with made it sooner? These habits might be the reason behind their success befor hitting the big 30. Check out these top five habits of highly successful under 30s.


1. Explore

These young successful people are not afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone. Don’t get stuck up in what you know or “your industry”. Explore, learn as much as you can, it can only help you develop yourself and give you new insights and different perspectives.

2. Build meaningful professional relationships

Always have time for interesting and talented people. Prioritize personality and learn to build meaningfulrelationships, not only with people in your industry, continue to explore different industries when networking.

3. Find a mentor

Every person in their 20’s needs a mentor, someone who might think differently from you, push you and who is brave enough to be honest with you. Find a mentor and make time for them, they have gone through it before and have learnt the lessons.

4. Learn from your failures

Mistakes are guaranteed to happen, embrace them, learn from them and move forward. You’re always in control of how you perceive your failures. Because you can’t avoid them, see them as an opportunity to learn.

5. Enjoy the ride

Success is journey, there’s still so much time and room to improve. Enjoy the ride, don’t get too caught up by the end result and celebrate every milestone that might seem small. The journey is what makes everything worth the while, so take time to smell the roses.

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