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Samuel Eto’o Is Coming To Zimbabwe

Here’s one for all the football lovers! Samuel Eto’o is coming to Zimbabwe but before you get all excited, no, you won’t get to see him in action, the football legend will be in the country as the guest speaker at the 9th International Conference on HIV/AIDS and STI’s in Africa (ICASA).


The ICASA conference will provide an opportunity to highlight the dirvese nature of the African region’s HIV epidemic and the unique response to it.

The 34 year old Cameroon born strikeris well known for lending his name and money to raise awareness to causes that include HIV/AIDS and Ebola on the continent of Africa. Eto’o was recently in West Africa as part of FIFA’s 11 against Ebola campaign which is meant to inspire the youth to lead healthy lifestyles.

The conference will be held at HICC next week, you might be lucky to get a glimpse of the African football legend.

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