5 Signs You’re A Desperate Job Seeker

Everyone knows getting a job nowadays is a job itself, it’s not easy but has that turned you into a desperate job seeker? You want to come across confident and as if you have many options not as if you have low standards. Here’s how you can be a determined job seeker not a desperate one.


1. Referring To Yourself As “Unemployed”

If you say this to get sympathy from recruiters you’re only making yourself look lazy. If you’re out of work find something to do to fill up your time, you can take a professional developmental course or volunteer expertise to a professional association.

2. Having Low Standards

Desperate job seekers will accept anything, any job and any salary or wage. Don’t be that job seeker who looks for “any job opening”, recruiters don’t get inspired to help or hire you if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want.

3. Not Asking Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in an interview. It doesn’t matter if it’s entry level or management, go out of your way to ask questions in a non-confrontational manner, in doing so you send a clear message to the employer that you are evaluating them as well which makes you look less desperate and much more attractive.

4. Following Up Too Aggressively

It’s not a bad thing to do following up on an interview you went on rather than just waiting for the call but follow-up can definitely be taken too far. Establish a follow-up timeline right before a job interview ends so that you know how or when to follow-up.

5. Accepting An Offer Immediately

Accepting a job offer immediately without delay or questions can make the employer question your worth. They will sense your desperation and wonder if they could have gotten the person for less or made a bad decision. Ask questions, negotiate a salary, it can make an employer want you even more and earn you greater respect for when you start your job.

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