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Throwback Thursday : MudiwaHood And Stunner Go Way Back

Yes, people these two men top most of today’s best dressed lists thank goodness whoever makes that decision doesn’t look at old photos. In an attempt to prove their years in the making bond Mudiwahood shared the below photo and boy have they gotten better with age.


We all now know the two have squashed their beef and are now back to being best buds, MudiwaHood who seems to be the bigger person in this bromance wrote a heartfelt message on Facebook about his friend.

This is 2004…gaya inini nemufesi uyu taiida zvinhu chekuti pano, kuchena taibhaizira usabhaizwe…u know what… No matter what, he is one guy i can rely on, if i get a Tyre puncture he is one guy to be 1st on the scene, same with me…we have history between us“, altogether now…..aww.

Mudiwa is sad about one thing though, seems all his fiends are getting hitched and he’s the only bachelor left. “Zvino wangu zvaunenge wakusiya mumwe mugota todini manje😢 “, he jokingly said, well at least that’s what we thought.

Good thing Mudiwa didn’t throw away the photos when they were beefing, the photo does make a good throwback Thursday we have to say.

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