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ICYMI : Dj Stavo Caught Up In Paternity Drama!

What we see on Instagram and Facebook is not really what is going on in the lives of most celebrities. Did you know that they sometimes fake their perfection on social platforms? That’s how bad it can really get with all the pressures that come with being a celebrity. Speaking of  celebrities with skeletons in the closet, it seems that things are not going well for Dj Stavo. The famous club DJ has been taken to court by his ex girlfriend Rutendo Dumbura whom she had a child with, over a maintenance row.
Dj Stavo4
Allegedly, Dj Stavo is currently paying Rutendo hundred dollars ($100) per month but she wants a raise of two-fifty ($250) to make it three-fifty ,”I want an upward variation from $100 to $350 for the upkeep of our child”she said. She also added that Dj Stavo is an international DJ but he chooses to give his child $100 which is not even enough to cater for the child’s needs. DJ Stavo can afford to pay $350 as he is a professional DJ, a music producer and collaborates with South African top artists.

“He does not even want to go through a paternity test stressing that he cannot afford to pay for the tests but he stays in Greendale and owns two expensive luxurious cars” she said .

Unfortunately DJ Stavo did not show up for the court hearing!!!

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