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Must See: Photos From Zanu PF’s Million Men March

Several thousand Zimbabweans joined a march through Harare in support of President Robert Mugabe today. Many of the marchers whom were transported to the capital by bus, sang songs praising President Mugabe and wore T-shirts displaying his image as they gathered at a central square to hear President address the crowds.

priviledge one

Image credit: Priviledge Musavanhu.

Thousands march towards Robert Mugabe Street


Image Credit: Priviledge Musavanhu

People in a truck heading towards the venue


Image Credit: Priviledge Musavanhu

Thousands of people at the main venue of the event

super man 1

Image Credit: Super Mandiwanzira

Ecstatic crowds

priv ecstatic cowd

Image Credit: Priviledge Musavanhu

Supporters cheer during the March

priv eeel

Image Credit: Priviledge Musavanhu

People wearing t-shirts and caps displaying President’s image

free n fair Zim

Image Credit: free and fair Zimbabwe

The police controls traffic while thousands of people march towards the venue

millmarcok mzansi

Image Credit: All Africa

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