Top 10 Zimbabwean fruits You Must Try At Least Once

In Zimbabwe we are blessed with different kinds of Indigenous fruits, Some of the fruits we ate them growing up in Zimbabwe. If there’s any of these fruits you haven’t tried yet, make sure you do. Which of these  indigenous fruits are your favorites?

Check out our Zim top fruits below.

1. Matohwe, Uxakuxaku


Snot Apple in English.

2. Tsubvu, Umviyo


Also called Hubvu or Hubva other dialect of the Shona language. Known in English as smelly-berry fingerleaf

3. Mauyu, Umkhomo

Image Credit: HLM GRAND YOFF

Baobab fruit.

4. Nyii, Umnyi


5. Mazhanje, Amazhanje


6. Nhunguru, Umqokolo

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Flacourtia indica is the Scientific name and available in natively in much of Africa

7. Matamba, Umkhemeswane

Also called the Monkey Orange

Also called the Monkey Orange

8. Masawu, Amasawa

Image Credit: Marco Schmidt
Ziziphus is the Scientific name.

9. Hute or Mukute


Also known as waterberry, in the Myrtaceae.

10. Magaka, Amagaka

Image Credit: Moonshine Darling

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