AirZim’s Pilot Saves The Day Again

A young female pilot flying a Victoria Falls-bound Air Zimbabwe passenger plane saves the day again when she battled for about an hour to land the aircraft in bad weather. Captain Elizabeth Simbi Petros was given a standing ovation by Passengers when she finally landed at the foggy Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo on Saturday morning.

 AirZim's Pilot Saves The Day Again

Quite a number of passengers reportedly said  they feared for their lives when they were told the plane, coming from Harare enroute to Victoria Falls could not land in Bulawayo. They said they waited with bated breath as the plane aborted two landings and circled the airport in close to zero visibility.

”We arrived in Bulawayo at about 7.30AM and the plane had to circle in the air for about 45 minutes as landing was difficult due to bad weather. The pilot tried to land twice but it was a tricky situation and we only landed on the third attempt at about 8.15AM. It was a soft and good landing,” said Mr Lupepe.

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