Mugabe’s Son Chatunga Seriously ill

Bellarmine Chatunga, President Robert Mugabe’s last born son, has fallen seriously ill, with the First Family apparently spending a sleepless night on Wednesday seeking medical attention for the gregarious 19-year-old.

Mugabe’s Son Chatunga Seriously ill
Mugabe’s Son Chatunga Seriously ill

The increasingly frail nonagenarian revealed this himself yesterday while he was officiating at a graduation parade of 615 officers at Morris Depot in Harare, where he arrived late because of Chatunga’s illness.

He apologized to people for being late saying he was  sorry  they started late. They didn’t have a good night at home. Their boy Bellarmine became ill at night and they had to rush about to see how they could handle his stomach ache.

”The boys eat… I don’t know what they eat. That’s why we could not make it on time. I’m sorry, the constant retreats to restaurants, refusing to eat at home should stop now,” he added.

Speaking at a rally in Chiweshe, Mashonaland East, last year First Lady Grace Mugabe alleged that Chatunga had been marked for death by Zanu-PF members working to stampede Mugabe out of power.

She reportedly said the Zanu-PF bigwigs had allegedly roped in members of the military in this dastardly scheme, in their desperate bid to induce fear in Mugabe so that he would quit power.

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