10 Must Do Things Before The New School Term

Already school bells are ringing, and it’s finally time to get back to the school routine. Boarders today will be travelling back to their various schooling destinations countrywide, you worried on how you are going to be prepared for the shift in focus? Worry no-more because you should simply,

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Create a study group with your peers
  1. Pick out your uniform/clothing the night before so that you avoid last-minute searches, as time is essential and you can’t afford to be late yet you had time to prepare your wardrobe for the day.
  2. Wake up early so that you prepare and get used to your early morning routine. Get an alarm clock, so that you avoid being disturbed by your mom or dad trying to wake you up, you have to take responsibility for waking up in the morning.
  3. Make sure you don’t skip breakfast as research has shown us that nutritious breakfast can give kids the energy they need to be mentally alert all day. Make a healthy breakfast part of your daily habit so that your bellies don’t grumble while in a class/lecture.
  4. Make sure you eat your packed lunch at the right time and don’t be opening up your bag during lessons as this disturbs your focus because instead of being focused on studies you actually focusing on food.
  5. Pack healthy foods and do away with sugary stuff and junk foods.

    Healthy foods contribute to a healthy mind
  6. Create a study/homework group so that you can work together with your peers in ensuring you start the year with high marks as you assist each other in modules/subjects you don’t understand.
  7. Carry a healthy lunch to school as a healthy body creates a healthy mind.
  8. Don’t watch television because it will only distract your studies, rather if you want to unwind play word or board games as these are helpful.
  9. Create a goal chart with your name on it and place it wherever you are comfortable to add and subtract stuff on it.
  10. Bedtime is equally important as your morning routine, it is important to have a set time for bed so that you can rest and face the next day rejuvenated.

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