10 Signs You May Be Dating A “Stunner”

2016 ladies were in trouble because of ama blessers, every corner the talk was centred on them, finally the year ended and five days into 2017 we were introduced to a whole new sponsored man called Stunner. This is all not me mind you, all gratuitude goes to Olinda really for going live on Facebook to introduce us to a Stunner, what a way to start the year, lets take a look at why you might be a Stunner;

Stunner Stuns Us! Wife Breaks Down On Social Media Says He Is A Cheat And Gold Digger
Stunner Stuns Us! Wife Breaks Down On Social Media Says He Is A Cheat And Gold Digger
  1. You can obviously crush a US$40 000 Lexus and still get an Audi and a Merc, courtesy of your ‘Moreki’.
  2. You don’t own a headboard and sleep on a US$3 000 dollar bedroom suite purchased by her blessed wifey.
  3. You wear designer clothes that you don’t know the price purchased by her blessed mama.
  4. You only own a simcard but you use the latest iPhone.
  5. You forget that you peniless and disrespect her blesser by sneaking sleazy girls in her house and you f*#k them hard on her US$3 000 suite.
  6. You throw extravagant parties on her blessed mamas account and make sure she stays home because you can’t be seen with women her size, its not good for your image but her money is.
  7. You have learned the art of persuasion and whatever you say goes because her blessed mommy can’t live without you.
  8. You are not financially stable but maybe, just maybe you give great d*#k, that’s why her blesser does everything for you.
  9. You definitely got an inflated ego yet you don’t bring a dime in the house.
  10. You are a Stunner because you don’t see the need to man up,you would rather play the victim until her next blesser makes her way to you.

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