7 Tips to Writing a Great Scholarship Essay

You are applying for a scholarship and you need tips to writing a great essay. You want an essay that stands out from the crowd. Writing a scholarship essay can be very difficult especially when you want it to be a winner.

7 Tips to Writing a Great Scholarship Essay
7 Tips to Writing a Great Scholarship Essay













Essays are the most important part of your application an you want to make sure that you impress the scholarship committee. There is no one way to writing a winning essay but you can use the 7 tips blow to help you achieve that.


When you get your application read the questions carefully and understand the requirements. Find out more about the university giving the scholarship, and any past recipients you can find. Your research will put you a step ahead of other applicants and you avoid the copy and paste template.

Plan ahead

Make a list of important points and keywords to include as well as add your achievements. Try to make your essay meet the vision and ideals of the organization giving the scholarship. Write an outline or a rough draft.

Use Key Words

Use key words from the essay from the questions and study programme.

Personalize it

Share something personal about yourself but don’t make it sad. It has to be a powerful story that shows the passion that you have.

Read, revise and re-write

Thoroughly review the essay and check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Proof read

Have other people look at your essay for you so that they can provide constructive feedback.

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