7 Ways To Get Him to Notice You More

You have been together for some time and you feel that he no longer notices you. Your partner no longer does what he used to do. He might not even look at you the way that he used to look at you. Now you are feeling unappreciated but you want to remind him of what you have together. Try these simple tips to get him to notice you more.

7 Ways to Get Him to Notice You More
7 Ways to Get Him to Notice You More

1. Dress the part

Men are visual creatures and often pay attention to what they see. Remind him of how attractive you are by dressing up, putting on some make-up and getting your  hair done. Looking good does get his attention!

2. Spice things up

Maybe you two need a bit of help in the intimacy department, so try to turn things up on the spice meter. Intimacy is not just physical, but try to do things that grab his attention that will remind him how special you are.

3. Surprise him whenever possible

Create the element of surprise to show him that you are still interested. Think of what makes him happy and use that to surprise him. The effort will make him notice you and even appreciate you more.

4. Make yourself a little less available

Men need a little challenge to stay interested. Take a step back by having other interests such as hobbies that occupy your time. What you want is for him to miss you and wonder what you are up to. Sometimes when men are presented with this sort-of challenge, it sends a little shock wave. 

5. Be confident

Carry yourself as a truly confident and self-assured woman. Men love a confident woman and your new attitude will intrigue him and make you feel better in the process!

6. Go outside of the box, and be creative in your methods

Sometimes just being creative in your approach or your tactics is that little jumpstart that he may have needed. Create a fun day for just the two of you that incorporates things that he likes, such as a sporting event or activity. When you keep things exciting he will appreciate you more. 

7. Get back to basics

Most of couples get comfortable and familiar. Try and reintroduce yourselves to who you were when you first met. Dress up in the outfit you wore when you two first met. Think back to what made him fall for you, and then focus on that in your approach.

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