10 Great Things To Enjoy Whilst Single

Going through your social media timeline and seeing your friends in relationships can make being feel like a pain. Your old schoolmate just posted their engagement, or you were party of your cousin’s wedding party. Though being in a relationship and in love is one the best things in the world, being single can be just as fulfilling. While you don’t plan to be single forever, there are certain things that come with singledom that you experience. Check out the 10 things that you can enjoy whilst single.

1. Reinventing yourself

Relationships are a lot of work and can take a part of who are. Well when you are single it’s the best ‘me-time’ for yourself. You can work on your body, looks and even character to better yourself. This is the time when you have your whole self to yourself.

2. Travelling and exploring the world

Got a passport? Book yourself flights to countries that you have never been. Enjoy travelling even locally and go sight seeing. When you are committed, you tend not to spontaneously just go anywhere. This is the best time to just fly to Vilankulos or spend a week on a house boat.

3. Binge watching TV series and movies

Now don’t get it twisted, couples do go on dates to the movies or Netflix and chill. But have you ever watched full seasons of your favourite TV series on your own? It’s amazing because you watching you like. Your relationship with the TV is so different when you are single compared to dating. If you love sports, then the sports channels will reciprocate that love with endless matches.

4. Honing your social skills

You don’t have a date, you don’t have to be home by midnight, yes it’s time to socialize. Enjoy being a social butterfly during your single days. Go out to different circles and meet new, diverse groups of people. Learn how to talk to people from different social status and backgrounds. Learn about their cultures, languages, beliefs and views. Socialising when you are single is the best time to improve your public relations skills.

5. Advancing your education or career

Have that promotion that you have been eyeing, or you want a degree in psychology? Well, you can occupy yourself with making strategic moves in your career or education. With undivided attention, you can work overtime or study late nights. The time is to start now and get ahead in life.

6. Do what you are passionate about

You things that you have been passionate about but never got time to get to it. When you are single, you can take on your favourite things. Learn a new language or painting, volunteer at a charity, or start kickboxing. Whatever you are passionate about, take it up and enjoy it.

7. Having the whole bed to yourself

Sleeping like a starfish is great and you don’t have anyone hogging the blankets.Simple!

8. Going out with your friends

Your friends especially when they are single are the best people to hang out with. Go out, take random road trips or just stay in. Make sure that every moment with your friends is memorable. You will have something to tell your grandchildren.

9. Throw yourself a party

Everybody is throwing a party for a birthday, engagement, baby shower or something. Why not celebrate being single and throw yourself a party. Call up your friends and maybe a few neighbors and just celebrate life because that’s a good reason for a party.

10. Be a daredevil

When you are single there is a need for thrill. Try something outrageous and maybe slightly scary. Be as adventurous as possible. When you have a partner, there is no way that they will allow you to bunjee jump at Victoria Falls. Imagine the look on their face and them calling you crazy. Ye

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