10 Things Men Want From Their Partners

Often there is an assumption that for men in relationships the physical aspects are the most important. It is true that sex is super important however, men also want affection. Although they might not verbalize as much as women, men desire the same appreciation and love from their partners. They too want you to hold his hand in public, give him an unexpected kiss, and flirt with him. Relationships are a two way street where both parties have to put effort in making sure that each partner feels loved. Here are 10 

1. Belief in His Capabilities

Always encourage a man when he is doing his best to protect and provide. Whether it’s his job or what he does in helping you out, make sure that you make him feel like a man.

2. Understanding

Men are problem solvers and often deal with things logically. You need to show your man that you get him by engaging in a conversation with him.

3. Appreciation and Affirmation

‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are polite words but they also show your man that you appreciate him. 

4. Acceptance

Don’t try to change your man but instead appreciate him just the way he is.

And, guess what? The only person that you can change is yourself!

5. Less talk and no nagging 

When a man is concentrating on something he tends to need his peace and quiet. Try to be sensitive and not try talking to him during this time. Be shrewd to schedule when to talk and avoid nagging.

6. Respect

A man needs to feel respected by having his partner not being condescending towards his thoughts and opinions.

7. Free Time

It’s good to give your man his own ‘me time’. Allow him to have quality time to himself without disturbance.

8. Trust

Trust is very important in any healthy and successful relationship.

9. Companionship

There’s always that saying, ‘I want to marry my best friend’, well that’s what every man wants. Your man wants you to be his friend and feel comfortable to be himself around me.

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