6 Tips for Deciding How Many Jobs to Include on Job Applications

When making job applications one often wants to add as much as possible. Online applications often offer space for unlimited list of jobs. In other applications, you may only be able to list a certain number of jobs. You should focus on crafting your work history to best support the specific position you are applying to. Having an extensive work history offers you a vast choice for different jobs however can also pose as a challenge. You need to be strategic about how and which jobs to place on your application. Check out the tips to help you add the right job history on your application.

Tips for Deciding How Many Jobs to Include on Job Applications
Tips for Deciding How Many Jobs to Include on Job Applications


1. Read the directions very carefully. 

Look for indications of whether employers make statements like “list all past jobs.” If you aren’t required to provide all jobs but fear creating gaps then you could summarize your employment during that period. You can then add “details available upon request,” to make sure that the hiring agent understands your application.

2. Some applications will specify that you list all positions for a certain time frame.

You should cover all positions in that segment of time, but you can be selective about what you include in years prior.Make sure that those jobs include the critical skills required for the job that you are applying for.

3. Keep it short.

Be brief when describing irrelevant jobs that you are forced to include, or jobs that are from the very distant past. 

4. Pick and choose which jobs to include. 

If you aren’t directed to provide your entire work history or all positions within a certain time period, limit the number of positions to those jobs most relevant to the position you’re applying for. However, be sure that you aren’t creating gaps in your work history.

5. You can list more than your work history. 

You can add non-related experiences such as volunteer work, publications and other co-curricular roles. If the employer doesn’t have a special category on their application for volunteer experiences or activities, then include these experiences within the employment section.

6. Don’t create an employment gap. 

If you have less impressive jobs or you experienced a gap during your employment include that information in your cover letter. The point is that you don’t want disturbances in your work history.

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