7 Things Do in College to Get a Job After Graduation

A college degree is a prerequisite for employment and you are about to or just have graduated. A lot of employers are looking for college educated workers for positions in their organizations. Now it’s time to go out into the world to look for a job. Having your degree isn’t an automatic access to a job but it’s a starting. Below are seven ways to work towards getting a job after graduation.

7 Things Do in College to Get a Job After Graduation
7 Things Do in College to Get a Job After Graduation

1. Get out of the classroom 

Broaden your horizons by exploring the real world. Gain hard and soft skills, broaden your network and help you discover what work you love. If you already know what kind of job you’d like to have after graduation, look for a role within that industry — whether it’s a volunteer position, internship, or part-time job.

2. Find a Mentor

Having a mentor will help you weigh your career options and how to work through your CV. You can also get someone within the industry that you intend to get your job.

3. Build friendships and relationships

Between classes, shared meals, study groups, social and cultural events, and living on campus you have lots of opportunity to make friends.

4. Spend Time Networking

Start networking including online with your LinkedIn profile. Attend informational sessions from companies, job fairs, and other in-person events. 

5. Get your resume ready

If you haven’t started yet then write your CV. Add all your achievements in college, internships and all your positions on your resume.

6. Go on informational interviews

Informational interviews can be a great aide to help you figure out which jobs are reasonable for you to apply to. Informational interviews can also help you connect.

7. Check in with Your career office at school

Go to the office at your college where they can connect you with alumni to help you with your career. See more information on how your alumni network can assist you during your job search.

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