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Video Director Blaqs Claps Back At Stunner’s Comments…Then Apologizes 

The internet streets we must say are savage. Video director Blaqs clapped back at rapper Stunner’s comments during his Facebook live. As known Stunner and Blaqs have a stroglight relationship as the rapper previously accused the award winning director of sabotaging artists. Stunner was recently interview on the hip hop podcast Keep it real Fridays, aired on Capital 26Free.

Video Director Blaqs Claps Back At Stunner's Comments
Video Director Blaqs Claps Back At Stunner’s Comments

In the interview Stunner discussed his music, videography in Zimbabwe, he addressed ‘beefs’ with T Gonzi, Schingy, Begotten Sun, Tytan, Ex-Tazoita Cash Records affiliates, amongst other things.

He then went on to talk about Blaqs where he stated that there was no beef between the two.

He accused Vusa Blaqs of inciting tribalism just because he suddenly had a voice all of a sudden.

“He is one that I’m sure started this whole Shona-Ndebele thing, heee tiri kunzwaiso, because all of a sudden he had a voice”, he said.

Not the one to take things lying down, Blaqs responded in his Facebook live where he said he is neither Shona nor Ndebele.

“My mother comes from Mhondoro, I am a mixed person that you wouldn’t even understand, I am neither Ndebele nor shona, what I know is I am Zimbabwean. I am on record being the only Zimbabwean to put more videos on prestigious television stations like Channel O, Zambezi Magic and Trace.

Every time you run your mouth you cost me money directly so I feel like you are fuck*ng up with my business,” he said.”

Blaqs then commented, “It takes more time and skill to create a music video than a sex tape.”

This statement has had Zimbabwean internet rolling as a number of blogs picked up on it.

The video has since then been deleted and Blaqs has since then apologized to Stunner.

In the meantime, Stunner hasn’t responded. Instead he will be in Canada over the weekend for a performance.

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