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Pics! Zim Celebs Feed The Homeless At Jackie Ngarande’s Street Tea

Model, socialite and Simuka Africa Ambassador Jackie Ngarande took on philanthropy by launching the Winter Street Tea. The Winter Street Tea is an annual event which is currently running from the 10th to 15th of July 2017. The aim is to assist destitute, homeless and vulnerable children and other people with teas and cookies. Under this program an estimated 1000 or more street children and other destitute individuals should be reached and fed.

Pics! Zim Celebs Feed The Homeless At Jackie Ngarande's Street Tea
Pics! Zim Celebs Feed The Homeless At Jackie Ngarande’s Street Tea

The event which is being held at the Harare Gardens saw local celebrities joining Jackie in her plight to feed the homeless. Candice Mwakalyelye, Ammara Brown, Mutsa Kujeke, Diana Samkange and Pokello lent a helping hand. Patsime Water donated over 200 packets of water for the Saturday event while a number of corporates and individuals have been encouraged to contribute.

The most followed individual on Zim Instagram contributes her need to reach out to her background. In a statement she shared, “Being a child raised by a widow a lot of things transpired in my childhood hence I believe that having good shelter and food is a right to any individual and also I think I cannot help everyone or end poverty but i can help and make a change in someone’s life ,I am not trying to save anyone,but I’m trying my best to be a citizen playing a role given our current socio-economic hardships we are facing in our country.You don’t have to be rich but we all need to realise that sometimes we may be better off than most people around us despite how at times we may feel we want more. I asked myself as i sat in my house warm,bundled up with a cup of tea how those out in the streets were surviving and I realised I had to do something no matter how small. And that is how the Jackie Ngarande Street Tea was born and i pledge to make it an annual event.”

Check out the pics of the local celebs helping out the Winter Street Tea.

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