5 Steps To Writing A Successful Cover Letter

There’s a lot of work put into writing a good resume and the same should apply to a cover letter. A cover letter is a document sent along with your curriculum vitae to help boost one’s application. Usually you add additional skills and reasons for why you are the best candidate. Below is a five-step formula for cover letter success.

Steps To Writing A Successful Cover Letter
Steps To Writing A Successful Cover Letter

1. Contact Information

Address the cover letter directly to the hiring manager or recruiter. Include both the employer’s and your contact information. 
2. Introduction

Introduce yourself and tell the employer the position you are applying for. Also share how you learned about the opportunity.

3. Don’t reiterate your resume.

The cover letter is there to state why you should be the one considered for the position. The document is professional but be creative but not over the top.

4. Keep your letter short

Ensure that your letter is not longer than one page. Your cover letter is supposed show your communication skills.

5. Conclusion 

Always close your cover letter with an action statement. Tell the reader your availability for interviews and probably that you will follow-up.

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