Natural Healing Process For Eczema 

Eczema is a skin condition that affects sufferers all year long. In winter the skin suffers harsh dryness due to the winter cold. Often the skin becomes ashy, irritating and even darkens. However with frequent moisturization and steering clear of allergens the skin can do well. As summer comes in the skin also changes too. Although summer can also be bad for eczema, it tends to be less stressful for those with the condition. The skin actually begins to heal. This healing comes with a process whereby it gets worse before it gets better. Below is the healing process for eczema.


Natural Healing Process For Eczema 
Natural Healing Process For Eczema 



1. The skin inflames and even irritates however take caution not to scratch and aggravate the eczema.

2. The skin becomes scaly however less irritating and you need to continuously moisturize.

3. The skin begins to exfoliate usually in small areas. Keep moisturizing the skin and avoid picking or peeling off the skin.

4. The skin peels off and new skin begins to surface. This new skin is often thin and reddish but strengthens with time.

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