10 Things to Do When You Have A Terrible Headache

There are times when one experiences the worst headaches ever. It could be due to dehydration or a symptom of other ailments. While a painkiller and some rest can do the trick, there are some remedies that can help. Check out these 10 simple tips on how to deal with a terrible headache.

1. Drink water to help relieve any headaches caused by dehydration.

2. Give yourself a scalp massage which can relieve headache pain.

3. Do simple neck stretches to relieve any tension in your neck and head muscles. 
5. Eat watermelon as an alternative to drinking water to help hydrate your body.

6. Breathe deeply to relieve stress which may cause headaches.
7. Drink a cup of coffee which constricts blood vessels to normal size.

8. Drink ginger tea which has anti-inflammatory properties that could alleviate some pain.

9. Apply ice to your temples to relieve throbbing pain especially in migraines.

10. Take a hot shower,as heat relaxes tense muscles, which could also alleviate the pain caused by a headache.

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