5 Posture Training Exercises For Your Back

Good posture is often taken for granted until one starts to feel back pain. Learning to have correct posture whether for sitting, standing or carrying things, is a skill. Posture is also related to the strength-to-flexibility ratio between the opposing muscle groups. Below are the basics of posture. The ideas presented here may help you correct yours with exercise and training.


1.Bring your head over your neck and shoulders

Kyphosis is a postural issue in which your upper back rounds excessively. It is often a result of habits such as sitting at the computer for 8 hours at a time. People with kyphosis tend to have another problem called forward head posture. When the upper back rounds, it naturally takes the head forward of the shoulders.

2. Exercise your upper back muscles

When muscles become tight, weak or overstretched, they lose their ability to work with other muscles to support your upper back posture. Posture training that works the rhomboid muscles in back and stretches the pec groups in front may help you deal with this. Squeeze your shoulder blades.

3. Separate your ribs from your pelvis

When you have posture issues, the ribcage tends to collapse onto the top of the pelvis. Work on lifting the ribs, and your back strain may well disappear. A very effective way to target the muscles involved is to do pelvis and ribcage posture training.

4. Find your low back curve

Spinal curves in the low back, thoracic area and neck help your body support weight, move and balance.Try a posture exercise for the pelvis and low back curve.

5. Get your whole body involved

Your back involves different parts of your spine therefore you need to exercise your whole body.

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