7 Tips for Turning a Post-Graduate Internship into a Job


You have chosen this route to probably build your confidence and add experience to your resume. You are aiming to make sure that you will eventually land your dream job. The job market is highly competitive and often requires a person with a lots of experience. You want to make sure that you make the most of your internship. Below are some tips and strategies to increase your chances of securing that entry level job.



1.Make friends

Take every opportunity to introduce yourself to co-workers in as many roles and departments as possible.

2. Be professional

Show professionalism in your conduct. Make sure that your level of professionalism is memorable better yet, irreplaceable.

3. Ask Questions

Asks senior employees in the company about working for the company. Find out what skills that you need for the position that you are eyeing.

4. Seek out extra work new projects

Show your willingness to go beyond what’s the the job description for your internship. Try to arrive earlier than your boss if it’s possible, and stay late as well.

5. Develop your skills

Look for opportunities during your internship to grow. Take classes or training that help you advance yourself.

6. Find a mentor

Find someone who you can shadow while they show you the ropes. Mentors will be more likely to point out jobs or recommend you for positions.

7. Seek out opportunities

Be opportunistic about possible job openings for permanent positions.

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