7 Ways To Avoid A Stiff Neck

Waking up or experiencing a stiff neck during the day can be terrible. A stiff neck can be brought on by any number of things. At times a stiff neck maybe a symptom of something else whilst onto other hand it cans simply be muscle strain.  Fortunately there are preventive measures that can be taken. Here are seven things to stop doing if you want to prevent or manage a stiff neck.

1. Stop sitting with the wrong posture by your desk.

2. Stop overloading your handbag, or laptop bag or satchel.

3. When carrying a satchel, avoid using one shoulder-carry your bag on both shoulders.

4.Stop cradling the phone with your neck

5.Stop stressing out

6. Stop avoiding stretch breaks during your day at work or school

7. Stop Ignoring the Doctor’s Office

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