10 Types Of Crushes We All Have Had In Life

The idea of a crush in adulthood sounds very juvenile or whimsical. Strangely enough even in adulthood we all have experienced a crush or two. Some crushes are a harmless part of growing up, while others can be a really bad idea. For the lucky ones a crush will not end just in one’s imagination but manifest in reality. What is a fact though, we all go through one type of crush at one point or another. Do you have a crush on someone? Or maybe you understand that feeling of awkward shyness and butterflies. Check out the 10 different types of crushes we all have had in life below.


1. The social media crush

That person that you might not have interacted in real life but you follow each other on social media. |You often like each other’s posts, at times slide in their DMs and subtly flirt in the comments.

2. The popular person

The one that everyone you know also has a crush on.

3. The rendez-vous crush

That one you bump into every once in a while and catch a glimpse of.

4. The taken crush

The taken one, who is actually already involved with someone else.

5. The celebrity crush

The most common crush in the world! Yes there is that celebrity that you will crush on Monday, Wednesday or everyday.

6. The gradual crush

The crush that you didn’t think much of when you met them, but now find yourself fawning over a bit.

7. The work/class crush

That colleague that you spend most of your day with by virtue of work or school. But we all know that it’s often awkward or can complicate things.

8. The secret crush

The unlikely crush, who nobody cares about, but who you can’t get out of your head.

9. The seasonal crush

That person that you have strobe light emotions towards. You first you obsess over them, then that goes away, then you obsess over them again.

10. The childhood crush

That childhood o crush that you still to this day haven’t quite gotten over.





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