5 Male Excuses Not to Get Married

How many times have women complained about men who won’t commit. It doesn’t help that media parodies men’s reactions to marriage. Marriage requires a brave and mature individual. There are scientific reasons why men flee to the commitment that marriage implies. When a man does not want to marry he makes several excuses. However, there are some things that make men fear marriage. Below are 5 excuses that men make not to get married.

1. Fear of compromise.

Marriage implies responsibility hence putting them under pressure.

2. Economic pressure.

Society has socialised men and women to believe that men should be providers. If a man feels that he can’t provide for his wife and family, it will scare him. If he also hasn’t met his own personal financial goals he will feel like marriage will be a burden.

3. Compromising comfort

Many men fear to leave their comfort zone in which they find themselves. Marriage means changing habits and routines.

4. Fear of failure.

Many men fear marriage failure. At the current rate of divorces, many men cringe at the thought of marriage especially if it doesn’t work out.

5. If She’s Not the One

Sometimes comfort keeps them together with a woman even if they do not love her. A man can enjoy all the benefits of a relationship but tbey don’t see their partner in their future.

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