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Chengeto Demands Respect On ‘Pedzaneni’

Chengeto is a woman after our own hearts. The 21 year old singer returns with a song that many women can relate to. A follow-up to ‘Faya’, Chengeto releases ‘Pedzaneni’.

Loosely translated ‘when you are done with me’, Pedzaneni is Chengeto’s first single from her upcoming EP. The song which was produced by Humphrey Domboka, is a reggae, Afro pop single. The mid tempo track is great sing along and one can bop their heads to it.

Chengeto sings about relationship that seems to be going nowhere. She asks her love interest if he will ever take things further. She adds on the fear that she might not find love again when he’s done with her.

Share your sentiments with Chenegeto by checking out the song below:

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