UZ Students Refuse To Write Exams In Protest

University of Zimbabwe students are on strike and wont write examinations. They are protesting until President Robert Mugabe steps down. President Robert Mugabe is the chancellor of all ten of Zimbabwe’s state universities.

The country has gone through a rather dramatic week as the armed forces took over the country. The president and his family were reportedly placed under house arrest. On Friday‚ he appeared at the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) graduation.

On Saturday 18 November, Zimbabweans held a solidarity march demanding the the president should step down. However, Zimbabweans were emotional after President Robert Mugabe failed to resign whilst delivering his national address.

Monday, it has been reported that UZ students, “locked up their lecturers in the exam venue refusing to write exams”. The students also demanded that First Lady Grace Mugabe’s PHD be revoked. The first lady was awarded the PHD in sociology in 2014.

No comments were made by the University however videos are circulating on social media of the student protests.


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