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5 Times Celebrities Got Into It With Fans

Being a public figure comes with it’s ups and downs. Fans can either love a personality or they can be rubbed the wrong way. Just because one is famous doesn’t mean that fans will like you. Here are the few times that Zim celebrities and their fans didn’t see eye to eye. 5 Times Celebrities Got Into It With Fans


Ruvheneko wants to be part of the people but the feelings not mutual. It seems that media’s iron lady’s privileged background makes her the constant target for trolling. If we could put a dollar for the numberof times that Ruvhi got into it with fans, well…


Mama Popo doesn’t take too kindly to people trolling her about her personal life. The one time when Pokello posted about her friendships with high rollers Tazvi Mhaka, Genius Kadungure and Wicknell Chivayo did the claws come out. Pokello clapped back at one fan who called her names. There was a lot of back and forth with insults. And of course she has swerved the rumours about trouble in her marriage to Elikem Mourdzie. The one thing fans or just anybody should know, the Queen of swagger can give it to you straight whilst wearing her pink bottoms.

Jah Prayzah

On social media, Jah Prayzah rarely gets into Twitter wars or social spats. But one funeral incidence showed that not all fans are on Jah Prayzah’s side. His eighth album ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ also rubbed certain circles the wrong way.

Olinda Chapel

Stunner ex wife Olinda Chapel has a strobe light relationship with fans. While most are of the opinion that she’s attention seeking, others have sympathised with her. However her constant clap backs with fans have led her to blocking and unfollowing a lot of fans.


Wicknell Chivayo isn’t a lot of people’s cup of tea. Whenever he posts something he is likely to get a lot of trolling. In 2017 some of the Wicknell versus the people incidences included his engagement to his wife, his shoes exhibition and when he allegedly got arrested.

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