7 Ways Keep Up With Your Studies Over the Holidays

Every student looks forward to the holidays. Taking a break from the workload of school. However as the weeks go by it’s easy to forget what you have learnt. This might prove a bit of an issue when you return to school at the end of the holidays. There are plenty of things you can do to keep up. Below are 7 ways to keep up with your studies whilst on holiday.

1. Read lots of books for fun whilst broadening your scope.

2. Watch documentaries, movies based on real life events when watching TV.

3. Be up to date with current affairs.

4. Go on holiday to places that have interesting stories including urban legends, history, geography and tourism.

5. Revisit your notes and work on them.

6. Attend vacation school or create study groups with friends or colleagues.

7. Embark on holiday projects such as inventing, learning a new language or creating collections.

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