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10 Ways to Travel on a Budget

You have been scrolling your social media timeline and seeing people’s holidays. You might realise that you actually need a break yourself. Most holiday destinations don’t come cheap. Travelling requires a good bank balance or well planned savings. But you are broke or have little resources. Do you still want to go on holiday? Find out how you can travel around the world on a budget.

1. Look for cheap holiday destinations and don’t be picky.

2. Target specials offered by airlines or resorts.

3. Use VPN or go incognito whilst browsing for rates to get the best deals.

4. Find cheap flights and airlines.

5. Travel off peak seasons for popular tourist destinations.

6. Book in advance as flights and accommodation become more expensive with time.

7. Save up on frequent flyer miles to get discounts in the future.

8. Travel with light baggage to avoid paying extra fees.

9. Find cheap accommodation such as B&B, or stay in hostels.

10. Use cheap modes of transport during your stay.

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