5 Ways to Flirt Without Saying Much

Let’s face it most of us aren’t articulate at flirting. You have that person that you like and you want to show them them. Or maybe you are already in a relationship and you are trying to keep that spark! Problem is your flirting skills are slightly challenged. You think of what to say that can be flirty. Fortunately science has proven that actions can speak louder than words. There are ways to use your body without saying goes much to flirt. Want to master the art of flirting? Check out the 5 Ways to Flirt Without Saying Much.

1. Touch

There’s something about a touch that is flirty. The best way to flirt with someone is to touch them on the forearm. For guys, you can brush off hair from your crush’s face.

2. Smooth talk

Okay we did say that you don’t have to talk much but those few words have to have impact. Your tone and pitch can help you flirt. For ladies having a high pitched voice is a winner. Love Barry White, guys the deeper your voice the more attractive you sound.

3. Mirror body language

When Justin Timberland sang Mirrors he wasn’t playing. You can flirt succesfully by mirroring your partner. Just be careful not to copy their negative body language.

4. Wear red

Red is a colour associated with passion. So add a little red to your outfit or ladies make-up. The colour attracts attention and makes you look confident.

5. Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Why not flirt with your eyes.

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