10 Ways To Improve the Quality of Women in the Workplace

Issues of gender equality in the workplace are still an issue. Not all workplaces provide equal opportunities for men and women. From salaries, promotions to general treatment in the workplace women have experienced challenges. However there is room for improvement in the workplace. Women can legislate for themselves as well as management to address women’s issues. Check out 10 Ways To Improve the Quality of Women in the Workplace.

1. Reassess requirements for senior positions in the workplace.

2. Allow as much diversity when it comes to applicants.

3. Consider your biases during interviews, assignments and even disputes.

4. Rethink your interview process by removing names from CVs

5. Make sure all employees have the same access to opportunity.

6. Address the gender pay gap.

7. Adress work/life balance for everybody.

8. Make sure everyone has access to mentors

9. Evaluations should be fair

10. Employers need to deal with sexual harassment.

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