7 Dangers of Sitting Too Long

7 Dangers of Sitting Too Long

Most people spend their time sitting by the desk. There are some people who are able to stand up and stretchstretch. Others however might find themselves glued to their chairs until their work shift is done. Not giving one’s body a rest can have bad side effects. Often one assumes that sitting is the best way to rest or relax. However this can prove to be dangerous. 7 Dangers of Sitting Too Long.


Not stretching can lead to hypertension.

2. Head

Blood clots form after sitting too rigidly can travel to the brain.

3. Heart

By sitting for lengthy periods one is likely to have heart disease.

4. Legs

Fluid collects in the legs during sitting.

5. Lungs

Fluid backs up in the lungs.

6. Neck

Fluid from the legs moves up to the neck at night and contributes to obstructive sleep apnea.

7. Stomach

Sitting too long leads to obesity and colon cancer.

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