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10 Tips On How to Thrift Stylish and Smart

Do you remember that Song ‘Thrift shop’? The song is about shopping on a $20 dollar but for things that will make you look expensive. Well if you want to save some coins then thrifting is your go-to financial strategy. Thrift stores and flea markets have become very popular over the years. Thrifting offers the shopper great bargains for usually quality and stylish clothes. If you have never shopped at a thrift store, take these 10 Tips On How to Thrift Stylish and Smart.

1. Make sure that you have a lot of cash at hand.

2. Plan what you really want to buy so as to avoid confusion and overspending.

3. Dress comfortably for your shopping experience because you might spend hours going around.

4. Know your sizes particularly American and British sizes i.e. US size 4, or petite or UK size 6.

5. Check what you are buying for discolouring, stains, broken zips, poor stitching.

6. Check the quality of the fabric and label tags.

7. Make sure that you bargain prices.

8. Think outside the box when it comes to colours, prints and styles.

9. Make sure that you invest in basics such as scarves, blazers, plain dresses, pants etc.

10. Never buy what you don’t feel that you really like or want.

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