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Zim Celebs Who Have Non-Black Partners

Zim Celebs Who Have Non-Black Partners

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and colour. A lot of people often couple up with the familiar. Others though like to go with the swirl. There are some Zimbabwean celebrities and public figures who have chosen to step out of their own race. Their choices are not based on biases but rather on whom they fell in love with. Check out the Zim Celebs Who Have Non-Black Partners.

Brian Nhira

US based singer Brian Nhira is engaged to Sonia Larcom. The two have been together for a long time. Brian is a man of faith and his love is based on his beliefs.

Priscilla Chigariro-Gessen

Former model and fashion connoisseur Priscilla Chigariro-Gessen is married to a Russian businessman. While hubby loves to be supporting behind the scenes, Priscilla doesn’t shy away from showing that true love transcends the Zimbabwean borders.

Tkae Chidz

The UK based hip hop and Afro Pop artist loves him some Bulgarian beauty. The Dhuze hit maker surprised many in the industry when he announced that he married Vivien. Apart from tying the knot the couple work out together and have their partner’s name tatooed on the arm. Plus Tkae coined the term ‘Blagarian’.

Mbo Mahocs

Mbo Mahocs keeps her love life on the low key. However on Valentines Day she posted a photo of her bae. The man behind the gorgeous promise ring is definitely not black, but who cares if he makes Miss Mbonisi glow.

Anonzi Xndr

Rapper and producer Anonzi Xndr found his perfect match in Zaleekah. It seems that Zalee had the magic wand to tie down Xndr.

Tinashe Njagu

Renowned photographer of Tnash Photography, Tinashe Njagu is married to Emily. She seems to be his muse for those picture perfect moments.

Kap City

Miami based rapper Kap City, real name Keith Guzah, has always enjoyed dating diversely. He always encourages fans to be open minded about dating outside one’s race.

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