7 Steps to Applying to a Fellowship

When one is looking ofr opportunities to advance themselves they can come across fellowships. A fellowship is a short-term opportunity lasting from a few months to several years. These focus on the professional development of the fellow. Fellowships are sponsored by a specific association or organization seeking to expand leadership in their field. A lot of fellowships offer candidates to travel internationally for an extended period of time. If you are thinking of applying for a fellowship, follow the steps below.

1. Identify your goals so that you can apply for the right type of fellowship that meets your goals.

2. Find out if you are eligible for the program in terms of requirements, age as well as region or country.

3. Do’t be afraid of taking up fellowships that make you step out of your comfort zone of knwoledge and expertise – the goal is to advance yourself.

4. Use your personal statement, essays and portfolio as your time to shine and show off your individuality.

5. Create a project proposal that convinces a selection committee that your project is valuable and that’s why you need the fellowship.

6. Get positive and honest recommendations from important people if not better influential individuals to vouch for your credibility.

7. Be Real in Your Interview.

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