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Chiyangwa’s Son Wants to Be a Pastor

The Chiyangwas are one Zimbabwe’s most interesting families. Their lives are fit for reality television with their antiques and strong public image. Well, Phillip Chiyangwa’s son, Brian is turning to religion.

The popular party boy is turning a new leaf and wants to be a pastor. The 32-year-old said he has left behind his wayward ways after he heard God’s voice telling him to change his ways.

He said, “Most people know me and they know the lifestyle that I have been living but God transformed my life, I am now a Christian, not just a Christian but a pastor.”

He shared a testimony of how he found grace to change. He also stated that some of his friends don’t believe his change. Brian said that he is now going to Fire Charismatic Centre Church led by prophet Clement Keya.

He attests to his family being religious, sharing that his grandmother was a prayer warrior. He also commended his sister, Stephanie for starting a church in the UK and doing so well in ministry.

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