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She Said Yes! Fadzayi Mahere Is Engaged!

Was she just showing off her manicure or did someone just put a ring-on-it? Well, it seems that advocate Fadzayi Mahere has just been engaged.

The lawyer and politician has always been private about her love life. Over Valentines Day she posted a red rose from her bae. While there might not be a face, there’s definitely a man in Zim Iron lady’s life.

Many friends and supporters have been congratulating Fadzayi on her engagement. She posted a photo of her hand wearing a very simple ring. She captioned, “OMG this just happened!

Exciting times are ahead of the activist. She is running for the parliamentary elections in the coming months to come. Wouldn’t it be great to have marriage and a parliamentary seat? Congratulations to Fadzayi Mahere!

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