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#VisaBae Fundraises £3,980 After Begging For Visa Money On Social Media

UK based beauty blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani a.k.a #VisaBae managed to raise £3,980 for her Visa. She trended a few days ago on social media when she cried appealing to people to help her raise £2300 for her Visa application.

In a video published on YouTube, Rutendo begged people to help her avoid deportation to the point of tears. Her visa expires on the 6th of May 2018. Tichiwangani has been in the UK since she was 10 but never acquired an indefinite stay and has been living with refugee status.

The 22 year started trending as #VisaBae. Rutendo even started a GoFundMe account. Writing on her GoFundMe Campaign, Rutendo Says:

“I have been in the UK for 12 years now and I still haven’t managed to get citizenship. I have come to the end of my 6 years discretionary leave and to apply for my citizenship I have to pay £2,300.”

Many people taunted Rutendo because on her blog and vlog she would flaunt her glamorous lifestyle and wealth.

With 70.6k followers on Instagram over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube, Rutendo says that she was used by brands for advertising. She said that she worked as a “social media influencer” hence getting the lavish products and goods that she posted on her social media.

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