10 Winter Hair Care Tips

10 Winter Hair Care Tips

Hair is one of the most delicate parts of the human body. That means the type of hair care required varies from time to time. In summer it’s easy to wear your locks freely. However in winter hair tends to shed and break a lot. There is need for extra care during this season. Below are some winter hair care tips that will keep your hair in good health.

1. Use a mild shampoo.
2. Wash your hair less often.
3. Invest in a good deep conditioner
4. Always cover your head with a hat or cap silk lining.
5. Trim your ends and seal them.
6. Massage your scalp with oil.
7. Avoid blow-drying your hair.
8. Drink lots of water accompanied by a balanced diet.
9. Use the liquid, oil, cream (LOC) method to properly moisturize your hair.
10. Wear a silk bonnet at night or sleep on a silk pillowcase.

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