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Interview with Darryl Nyamutsamba on the New Zimbabwe Forum

Darryl Nyamutsamba is a young Zimbabwean who keeps on rising. Delving into various projects, Darryl’s latest move is youth empowerment. He is part of the the New Zimbabwe Forum. The movement is aimed towards engaging young Zimbabweans post the new dispensation in the social, economic and political sphere.

YVZ: Darryl, we believe that you have a new project called the African Youth Empowerment which host a series of forums including the forthcoming ‘New Zimbabwe Forum.’ Please tell us about it?

Darryl: The New Zimbabwe Forum is an event Tinotenda Maveneka and myself cofounded after realizing that Zimbabweans all over the world were excited about the fact that we finally had a new President. The forum will have professionals from all over the world discussing how Zimbabwe could improve its current situation.

We will also have representatives from some really big organizations and companies who are interested in investing in the country so that they can also contribute!

We sat down with potential sponsors and Monash University who have really made a big contribution to bringing this idea to life suggested that we not only did this for Zimbabwe but for SADC and that is how we came to name our organization ‘African Youth Empowerment.’

YVZ: Who is part of the organizing team behind the New Zimbabwe Forum?

Darryl: The organizing team is mainly Tinotenda Maveneka, Amanda Murimba who I also worked with on the Zim Hip Hop Summit, Monash University who are hosting the whole forum and myself!

YVZ: Who are you targeting and why is this important at this moment in time?

Darryl: We are targeting young Zimbabweans all over the world. Zimbabwe is undergoing major historic change with the implementation of a new president for the first time in its history.

Most of the time we don’t know how to better our lives simply because the information will not be accessible to us! The president pronounced that Zimbabwe is open for business and we feel that we should not wait for the government to make things happen for us, we are equally responsible for change to happen!

YVZ: Is this a non-profit organization or do you aim to monetize?

Darryl: It’s a non-profit organization!

YVZ: Take us through the different panels that will be hosted at the forum.

Darryl: The forum will have 3 main panels namely Health, Business and Economics panel and the Political Panel. These are key elements of our economy and if we can figure out how to make these work, everything else has a better chance of flourishing

YVZ: When do you hope to commence the forums and how far do you want to go?

Darryl: The first forum is happening on the 12th of May at Monash University. We plan on taking the movement to the rest of SADC and maybe the rest of Africa.

YVZ: What do you intend to achieve with the New Zimbabwe Forum?

Darryl: We intend on raising awareness on the responsibility we have as the youth to move our country forward. We aim to reach as many young people that we can and let them know what experts the experts think we can do!

YVZ: Any parting words and where can people find you?

Darryl: I would like to tell the youth that the future is ours and it is our responsibility to take control and be involved in all aspects of our country!

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